Factory Services

The WPI Head office is centrally positioned in Knights, Germsiton. The 2500 m² facility includes an engineering department, test bay, sheet metal workshop and stores to ensure the following services are delivered to our customers on time.

  • Switchgear repair and maintenance on any OEM brand
  • Breaker reconditioning and refurbishment
  • Medium voltage switchgear retrofit
  • Transformer maintenance and repairs
  • Transformer oil regeneration
  • Manufacture of mini-substations
  • Mini-substation maintenance and repairs any brand
  • Mobile mining skid substation refurbishment and repairs
  • 24-hr supply of strategic spares
  • Engineering and design in a fully equipped drawing office
  • Project management
  • Power factor correction
  • Testing and commissioning

At WPI we have the capability to design and manufacture a customised solution offering to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Refurbishments of aging equipment

WPI offers partial or complete reconditioning of aging OEM equipment in order to prolong the life of switchgear, transformers or mini-substations. This service can include or exclude a retrofit option. Refurbishment work can take place in the field or at the WPI factory or regional business unit workshop.
In order to assess the extent of work required the following procedures are followed for a typical switchgear installation:

  • A visual inspection
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Circuit breaker opening and closing speed trace tests
  • Main contact resistance checks
  • Test for proper mechanical and electrical operation of circuit breakers
  • Primary and secondary current injection trip tests of protection devices
  • Detailed incoming inspection report documenting all test results, observations, findings and recommendations.