Manufactured Mini-Substations

The factory in Knights has the capacity to manufacture custom built type ‘B’ mini substations which include the latest BMK solutions.
Newly acquired skills at WPI ensure the ability to provide this additional service to our existing mini-sub maintenance department. Newly manufactured mini-subs are designed from 100 KVA up to 1250 KVA and with BMK’s from 630A at 22kV. Other options available are dual ratio mini-subs and special units of 36kV are available on request.

The unique design of this product range includes mild steel housings, powder coated to requirements with solid galvanized bases and plinths. Arc venting is an option and are designed for indoor or outdoor. Inland or coastal environments. Surface mining or municipal applications. LV, street lighting and metering compartments can also be included in the design.

All our mini-substations are built to SANS 1029, NRS 004 and SANS 62271-202 specifications. Tested and commissioned on site. There are no limitations to what can be achieved with the right knowledge and our in-house engineering department is available to provide the customer with an optimal design to meet budgetary and technical requirements.

Any quantity can be supplied to most municipal specifications.
Designs available for renewable energy applications.


Mini-substation Sasol Secunda

Mobile skid-mounted substations

We have the expertise to manufacture new mobile mining skid substations or repair and maintain damaged mobile skids providing all testing and commissioning and FAT testing.

Seen here a partially refurbished SKID panel with five Driesher Weberg GISELA panels installed.

mini-substationmobile-skid-mounted-sub-station mobile-skid-mounted-sub-station2