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Latest News

Purchase of WPI by ACTOM (Pty) Ltd

ACTOM and WPI Power Solutions have concluded a sale of business agreement in terms of which ACTOM have purchased some elements of the WPI business with effect from 1 July 2016.

This includes operational assets, existing contracts, intellectual property, key staff, and stock on hand.

The business has been merged into ACTOM MV Switchgear, which now further strengthens its ability to service existing and future customers in the elctrical repair and maintenance markets, in addition to being a market leader in the design, manufacture an distribution of medium voltage electrical equipment.

As a result of the transactin, ACTOM will take over key technical, mangerial and administrative staff located at QPI's various branches, whom are necessary and essential to the fulfilment of future obligations to customers.  ACTOM will be in a position to fulfil all of WPI's obligations in respect of the busines..

WPI will be Travelling a New Road in Maintenance Services

WPI Power Solutions in partnership with Dev-Tech were recently awarded a major provincial contract to maintain the lighting infrastructure along Gautengs Southern, Eastern and Western freeway network. This sets WPI on a brand new path in maintenance services, as the contract involves the maintenance of lighting poles, cables, transformers and mini-substations along the network. 

Sanral Lighting Tender

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Transformer Maintenance Repairs and Services

WPI offer the following transformer products and services which when performed annually can ensure the health for your fleet of medium voltage transformers.

■ Predictive maintenance management through oil sampling and physical inspection of transformers, on site. Oil testing is carried out through an independent laboratory based in Gauteng.  The results from a range of tests are compared with historical test results in order to provide in-depth analysis and for recommendations to be made.

■ On-site transformer repairs, replacement of parts etc. 

■ On or off-line purification, vacuum treatment, vacuum filling with the use of the dehydration machine. WPI has three machines with the flow rate of 2000l, 4000l and 6000 litres per hour.

Oil purification machine 6000 liters per hour

Transformer repairs and maintenance